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The process of improving your website visitors rate of conversion into customers, conversion rate optimisation, or CRO, is an ideal way of making more of your existing customer traffic.
As a respected CRO agency based in London, we can improve how visitors interact with your website and grow your customer base through the implementation of tools and regular updates.

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Our Ecommerce Expert services

User research
Visitor behaviour analysis
Usability testing
A/B testing
Shopping basket optimisation
Landing Page Optimisation
Website copywriting
Behavioural Economics
Cart abandonment optimisation
Funnel optimisation
Web Analytics Setup
Growth Strategy
Advertisement Strategy
Dedicated Account Managers
One Working Day Response Times

Conversion Rate Optimisation

We’ll make your website make you more money.

At Digivaze, We believe that the key to profitable web pages is understanding people. Every one of your page visitors is asking “What’s in it for me?” and yet so few web pages answer it properly.

Our CRO specialists utilise their understanding of user behaviour, conversion journeys and neuromarketing to fix the ‘leaks’ in your funnel, so you can maximise your website traffic.

Our CRO Services:

A/B testing
Landing Page Optimisation
User research
CRO Consultancy
Single-page optimisation
Website copywriting & copytesting
Colour and visual psychology
Cart abandonment optimisation
User behaviour analysis
Usability testing
Conversion Rate Optimisation

Our tool stack is huge because data is at the centre of every CRO decision we make. We’re huge data nerds, which means we’ll stop at nothing to get heaps of quantitative data ripe for analysis and rich qualitative data from interviews, surveys, and user testing.

Digital Strategy

Tailored For Your Businesses Growth

We build websites that convert, crafted with your target audience in mind, for a seamless customer journey, so they can find your website with ease, browse your products smoothly, purchase from your website, and become brand-loyal customers.

Online marketing strategies are based on data and brought to life with creativity and innovation. They are the foundation for the most successful marketing campaigns, ensuring that all marketing efforts are cohesive, suitable for your target audience and their changing, evolving needs.

Our forward-thinking digital strategy agency provides ongoing consultations as part of all our packages. The Good Marketer approach to digital strategy consulting means that we work alongside you as your partner, working in line with business objectives to achieve your next steps. As experts in our industry, we help to put you at the forefront of yours.

Why Do You Need A Digital Strategy?

Maximise ROI

Fine-tune your target audience to capture valuable traffic.

Detailed Analysis

Enhance existing digital marketing strategies to develop your brand.

Bespoke Strategies

Market & competitor analysis fuel competitive strategies made just for you.

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Web Analytics setup

Data-led decisions for continuous improvement & optimisation.

Google Analytics

Standard Google Analytics reports are handy, but tend to be underused or misinterpreted. Overall traffic tends to be a poor indicator of success, and real value starts to happen when you properly configure events, goals and funnels that let you understand exactly where the weak-points and winning pages on your site are.
When combined with tracking tools such as SEMRush, you can start to build a picture of how traffic arrives at your site, what the likely intent might be, and begin to form hypothesis regarding converting that traffic depending on how they arrive at the site and the content they engage with.

Facebook Insights

With so many different data-points available to measure — such as Likes, engagement, reach, and demographics — Insights will help you to understand how your content is resonating with your audience, how your Page is growing and provide you with an awesome overview of how your Facebook strategy is performing.

Web pages tracking

Website tracking is when websites and platforms track web users. It is a wide term that encompasses a variety of different practices including tracking how users navigate the web as well as how they interact with specific pages or websites.
Our Webmasters use tracking unique techniques to measure how their website and specific pages within the website perform.

Facebook Pixels

The Facebook tracking pixel opens the door to some advanced online marketing strategies.
What you’re doing when you add the Facebook pixel code to your site, is effectively the same process. You’re adding a link to an image on Facebook’s server and instructing web browsers to go and collect it (and in doing so, sending the cookie information too).The image is as tiny as it can possibly be (1 pixel by 1 pixel – hence the name), and it’s transparent – so it won’t ever be visible, but that doesn’t matter to your web browser – the instruction is included in the site and so it requests the image from Facebook as instructed.

Ecommerce report

Benefits of working with Digivaze

Quality work at affordable prices

We love what we do, and we believe in providing our clients with a high-quality service that’s competitively priced.

Experienced UK-based team

We’ve been designing and developing ecommerce websites since 2001 and have vast experience in creating websites that help you reach your business goals.

First-class project management

Our dedicated project management team has vast experience delivering beautiful, functional ecommerce websites for our clients on time and on budget.

Full-service digital agency

Our ethos is to build websites with marketing in mind, with our experienced digital marketing team on-hand to help you with any SEO, PPC, content marketing, email marketing, or social media campaigns you have planned.

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