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Commonly SEO is recognized as 'Search Engine Optimization, The secret ingredient to making a great website visible to the audience it needs to reach

At Digivaze, we specialise in effective SEO strategies for businesses targeting a specific area. We possess the in-house skills, including web developers to create you a fully optimised site and SEO copywriters to create all your content – to ensure your site ranks on the 1st page of Google for the services you offer in the areas you cover.

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Our SEO services

Technical SEO
Local SEO
On-Page SEO
SEO Content
Ecommerce SEO
Keyword Research
Link Building
Site Speed & Core Web Vitals Analysis
Site Architecture & Structure
Content Creation & Support
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Technical SEO Services

Ensuring your website performs to its highest level is essential for giving it the best chance of ranking well for your services.

As a trusted SEO agency based in London, we are skilled in technical SEO and offer our services to guarantee that behind the scenes, your website achieves its potential.

What Does Technical SEO Include?

Technical SEO involves all the aspects of website optimisation not associated with content or promotion. At Advance Online, we undertake a number of actions designed to optimise infrastructure and improve the ease with which search engines can crawl and index your website.

Google algorithm updates

We analyse all Google algorithm updates and amend your website accordingly to avoid any negative impact on your search engine rankings.

Navigation and sitemaps

We improve the overall navigation of your website and sitemap to help avoid issues when crawled.

Health checks

We analyse the current state of your website’s technical SEO and where it requires improvement through high-quality health checking tools.

Crawling and indexing

We ensure your website is fully optimised and clear of errors when crawled and indexed by a search engine.

XML sitemaps

We optimise your XML sitemap to ensure your XML list is up to date and clear for search engine crawling.

Technical SEO Services
Local SEO Services

Local SEO Services

Unlike general SEO, which targets the entire web, local SEO focuses on a particular location to target relevant customers with an improved chance of a higher ranking. As a specialist local SEO agency based in London, we are experienced in assisting businesses to target specific areas with their services.

As a specialist local SEO agency based in London, we are experienced in assisting businesses to target specific areas with their services.

Local SEO Process

To ensure the success of each campaign, we start our local SEO process with an in-depth audit to establish your website’s strengths and weaknesses. Our SEO audit involves analysing crawlability, URL structure, schema markup, internal links and more to help build a strategy for improving the local SEO of your website.

Once our SEO audit is complete, we move on to focusing on attracting local audiences to your products and services through a range of actions, including:

Local backlink acquisition

We create locally relevant links to your website to increase traffic and improve your search ranking.

Citation building

We undertake several measures to get your business mentioned across relevant local websites.

GMB optimisation and management

We implement a range of best practice techniques to improve your Google My Business profile and continue to manage it, ensuring it remains highly ranked.

Local specific pages

We create unique pages for local areas where you wish to provide your services by targeting potential customers and driving them to your business.

On-Page SEO Services

Covering all SEO aspects of the actual website – content and site structure – on-page SEO is the process of improving a webpage and growing traffic through optimising content, title tags, meta descriptions, etc.

As a trusted SEO agency specialising in on-page SEO services, we can improve the quality of your website to increase performance for search engines and site visitors.

On-Page SEO Factors

Several on-page factors require optimising to build towards a high-performing website.

Crawlable Website

Ensuring a website is crawlable to allow for indexing

Site Architecture

Ensuring the site’s structure is clear and understandable

Keyword Optimisation

Content features relevant keywords

Image Optimisation

Images are relevant and optimised

Well-targeted Content

Content is accurate and addresses user search intent

Readability and UX

Website is easy to navigate and straightforward to read

Outbound Links

Links lead to quality sources

Click-through Rate (CTR

Web pages feature optimised title tag and meta description

Speed of Website

Web pages load without delay


Website functions on different browsers and devices


Website has an SSL certificate

User-friendly URLs

URL address is UX friendly

On-Page SEO Services

Our On-Page SEO Process

Despite its simplicity compared to other forms of SEO, on-page SEO is essential for ensuring the optimisation of a website. Our on-page SEO process involves a comprehensive range of actions designed to refine the individual pages of your website and improve your search engine ranking.

Page Optimisation

We ensure all web pages are accurately structured and perform correctly.

Image Optimisation (meta data)

We check imagery is correctly integrated onto the webpage to avoid delays to loading speeds.

Page title and headline optimisation

We develop page titles that accurately describe the page content and feature relevant keywords.

Keyword research

We develop in-depth strategies, which allow us to understand what keywords potential clients are using and their intent.

User experience

We ensure all visitors to your website, regardless of their device or browser, have a positive user experience with quick loading times.

URL description

We create precise and informative website URLs to improve site navigation for both visitors and search engines.


We streamline the user experience for visitors through optimisation to increase their chances of becoming a customer.

Keyword Density

Through effective keyword placement, we create high-ranking web pages.

Structured data markup

We implement structured data markup to improve local SEO search engine results and click-through rate.

SEO Audit

A crucial first step of any SEO campaign, an SEO audit allows us to comprehensively analyse your website, including keywords, organic traffic, on-page SEO and off-page SEO. This process is essential for highlighting your website’s current performance and determining the direction of our overall strategy.

SEO Content Writing

SEO Content Writing

A crucial part of any SEO strategy, search engine optimised content includes everything from a fully optimised SEO website to short-form blog posts.

At Advance Online, our team of SEO content writers create informative, optimised copy that reaches new audiences and drives traffic to your business.

Our Content Marketing process

Content is an essential component of any SEO campaign. At Advance Online, our process involves several steps to ensure we create your business SEO-optimised content that improves your search engine ranking and engages with your audience.

Once our SEO audit is complete, we move on to focusing on attracting local audiences to your products and services through a range of actions, including:

Content Gap Analysis

We create locally relevant links to your website to increase traffic and improve your search ranking.

Keyword Research

We build an understanding of the relevant keywords your audience is searching for online.

SEO Copy Guidelines

We develop easy to follow copy guidelines to ensure your copy achieves its desired results every time.

Content Related Outreach

We undertake outreach strategies to identify and build relationships with relevant individuals and businesses.

Ecommerce SEO

An Ecommerce website can be a powerful tool for selling your product to customers, but without the right SEO implemented, it can be hard to attract attention.

As a leading Ecommerce SEO agency based in London, we are proud to offer a full range of data-driven Ecommerce services to help your business improve traffic and reach its potential.

Ecommerce SEO Factors

Trying for that top spot across search engines is highly competitive, so ensuring your Ecommerce website is fully optimised to stand the best chance possible of ranking is essential.

To ensure your Ecommerce website reaches its potential, we consider several key SEO factors as a part of the implementation process.

Product page optimisation

We review your existing product pages, analysing several factors as we look to improve optimisation through keywords, calls to action and structured data.

Competitor analysis

We compare your competitors' performance to provide an insight into where your business can improve.

Product schema

We add product schemas to enhance page optimisation and increase their chances of standing out in search engine results.

Technical SEO

We improve your technical SEO to ensure your product pages have the best chances of being found within organic searches.


We review and redesign your website structure to ensure the customers' journey is as effective as possible.

Meta descriptions

We write fully optimised and unique meta descriptions for each of your product pages to ensure your products stand out in the busy online marketplace.


We add SEO canonicals to each relevant product page to help streamline your website and make it easier for search engines to crawl.


We create informative, SEO-optimised content to help sell your products to consumers and improve the search engine ranking of your web pages.

Ecommerce SEO Factors
Why choose our services?

Why choose our services?

Flexible and functional website building using WooCommerce - a reliable online platform

Your own dedicated UK Based Customer Success Manager - to ensure you get the most out of your new website

Complete visibility – through dynamic tracking on your website, we can tell you exactly how many calls you are receiving from your digital marketing activity

Web content created by our team of SEO copywriters - fully optimised for Google and your potential customers

All plans include website hosting, as well as unlimited copy & photo updates at no extra charge

We monitor all of Google’s algorithm changes on your behalf and make any updates following their recommendations

Benefits of working with Digivaze

Quality work at affordable prices

We love what we do, and we believe in providing our clients with a high-quality service that’s competitively priced.

Experienced UK-based team

We’ve been designing and developing ecommerce websites since 2001 and have vast experience in creating websites that help you reach your business goals.

First-class project management

Our dedicated project management team has vast experience delivering beautiful, functional ecommerce websites for our clients on time and on budget.

Full-service digital agency

Our ethos is to build websites with marketing in mind, with our experienced digital marketing team on-hand to help you with any SEO, PPC, content marketing, email marketing, or social media campaigns you have planned.

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